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How To Setup Gold IPTV Server On Android Device

Go to google play and download stb emulator app on your device. If you have a firetv then go to amazon store and download app called downloader. You must go to firestick settings and allow install from unknown sources before proceeding.  Type the download url in the browser ( Contact us for url ) and install.


Open Stb emu and proceed to settings, profiles, select the existing profile and rename it to Gold.

Now go back once and select portal, click on portal url and change it to, save and go back once.

Select stb configuration and locate mac address, it will start with 00:1A:79.. . Go to shop select gold server, enter your mac address and make payment. Wait to receive order completed confirmation from us. This can take anywhere from 1 to 10 hours. We are all humans and need to get rest.

After receiving order completed email open stb emu and it will start to connect to server. If its still showing blocked screen, go to stb settings, scroll to profiles and click gold. This will force the app to reconnect to server.


At this time we suggest you add a monthly reminder to your phone calendar so you can renew before your service expires. We don’t do auto billing and/or send out invoices.


If your a subscribed member and want to join our telegram group, please make a support ticket requesting the invite.